Episode 23: Matthew Good Band – The Audio Of Being

In this week's show, we talk about a lesser known album, especially outside of Canada. It's The Audio Of Being, the last album released by the Matthew Good Band. We get into detail on this amazing 2001 release, and hope that it will inspire you to check this album out if you haven't hear it... Continue Reading →


Episode 22: The Stone Roses – S/T

We're back with Episode 22, and we're reviewing the epic self-titled album by The Stone Roses. Released in 1989, it was considered to be one of the pivotal albums in the launching of The Manchester Sound. And also, it's an awesome album. Come and listen to us break it down, now! LISTEN TO EPISODE 22... Continue Reading →

Episode 17: Pixies – Doolittle

This week, we go indie as we discuss Doolittle, the fantastic 1989 release from The Pixies! Come and hear some background on the band, the album, and the indie music scene at the time. Learn why your hosts didn't get into this album and this band until years later. It's a fun episode as always,... Continue Reading →

Episode 09: Pearl Jam – Ten

On this week's show, we talk about Pearl Jam's epic debut LP, Ten. @megamixdotcom takes us through the goodness of this album track by track, and gives many stories behind the recording of the album, as well as on the history of the band. It's a great show for Pearl Jam fans, and fans who... Continue Reading →

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